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CUITe Framework (Coded UI Test)

September 24, 2011

This weekend I came across a new development in VS Coded UI Testing. Called CUITe (Coded UI Test Enhanced). This is a codeplex project. It is a wrapper over visual studio’s coded UI test framework. Following are some very interesting features worth trying. I am sure whole automated functional testing community has faced lot of issues with Coded UI test. Specially with code maintainability and readability. This wrapper has tried to answer these two. So, here are some interesting things about CUITe.


  • Simple to setup and use. Just install and refer to one dll “CUITe.dll” in your automation project.
  • It keeps UI Object definitions separate from automation code. BIG Relief.
  • Web Automation: Treat table as Table.
  • Web Automation: JavaScript execution support.
  • Support for Custom UI objects.
  • Supports SilverLight and whatever Coded UI Test supports underneath.
Code Abstration:
  •  No more misnomer UI object type names.
  • Common behavior has been moved to base classes.
  • Automation code becomes more readable and maintainable.
Web Object Recorder
This is a very handy tool which is a part of this package. This tool is basically for web UI. It basically provides UI initialization code.

JavaScript support

Interesting feature. Which can be used to handle some tricky situations. For example invoking context menus on web pages which sometimes can not be invoked by mouse click API.

Apart from this CUITe project also promises some more interesting things in near future. For now, it will help to address two very sticky issues:  Maintainability and Readability. I am sure there is still lot to do in this area. But CUITe will be a right step forward.
For downloading setup/code/documentation please visit. http://cuite.codeplex.com/